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At Broda Hydraulic Hoses, we understand the importance of using high-quality hydraulic fluid in your equipment. That’s why we offer a wide range of hydraulic fluids, carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of your machinery. With our selection of reliable and efficient hydraulic fluids, you can trust that your equipment will perform optimally.

Our workshop is equipped to handle a variety of services to cater to your hydraulic needs. We offer booked-in installations, ensuring that your hydraulic hose and fitting replacements are scheduled promptly and efficiently. Our team of skilled technicians will ensure that your installations are carried out with precision and expertise.

In addition to hydraulic hose and fitting replacements, we also provide minor welding repairs. While we currently perform these repairs in our workshop, we are planning to expand our services to include on-site welding repairs in the near future. We understand that sometimes power availability can be a challenge, but rest assured, we are working on incorporating on-site welding capabilities for added convenience.

Basic servicing is another area where we excel. Although our basic servicing is currently conducted at our workshop, we have plans to introduce on-site servicing options in the future. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect and maintain your hydraulic systems to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


At Broda Hydraulic Hoses, we prioritize cleanliness and efficiency. That’s why we have dedicated washbay facilities on-site. We understand that keeping your hydraulic equipment clean is essential for its proper functioning. Our wash bay facilities are equipped to handle thorough and effective cleaning, ensuring that your equipment is ready for peak performance.

Whether you require hydraulic hose and fitting replacements, access to high-quality hydraulic fluids,booked-in installations, minor welding repairs (soon to be available on-site), basic servicing (soon to be available on-site), or efficient wash bay facilities, Broda Hydraulic Hoses Workshop is your one-stop solution. Trust our experienced team to provide exceptional service and keep your hydraulic systems operating at their best. Contact us today to discuss your hydraulic needs or to schedule an appointment.

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