Hydraulic Hose Requirements: Primary Factors for Proper Selection

September 17, 2023

Discover key hydraulic hose requirements and factors for selecting them. Available at Broda Hose, ensure the safety of your fluid systems with the right hoses.

Selecting the right hydraulic hose is essential to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and safety of hydraulic systems. Doing this can also prolong the service life of the said systems. To achieve these benefits, one should follow and rely on the criteria and standards set by hydraulic hose requirements in choosing hydraulic hoses.

If you want to optimise the performance of your hydraulic systems, you must opt for the right hydraulic hoses. Here are some factors to consider when meeting your hydraulic hose requirements.

Working Pressure

Working pressure is a crucial factor in selecting your hydraulic hose. It refers to the maximum pressure the hose can withstand during operation. Choosing a hydraulic hose with a working pressure rating higher than the maximum pressure the system will encounter is a must to ensure it can handle the demands of the hydraulic system. Doing this can also provide you with a safety margin to prevent hose failure or leakage.

Temperature Range

Hydraulic systems can operate under a wide range of temperatures. Hence, you must select a hydraulic hose that can withstand the anticipated temperature extremes. Extreme heat or cold can affect the hose’s performance and durability. The temperature range specification of hydraulic hoses indicates the minimum and maximum temperatures at which they can operate effectively without compromising their structural integrity.

Fluid Compatibility

Different hydraulic fluids have varying chemical compositions, affecting the compatibility of hydraulic hoses. Some fluids may be more corrosive or abrasive, requiring hoses with special inner tube materials or additional protective layers. To prevent any issues along the way, you must select a hose that is compatible with the specific hydraulic fluid used in your system. Choosing the right hose ensures optimal performance, longevity, and resistance to chemicals.

Abrasion Resistance

Hydraulic hoses can be exposed to abrasion from external factors like rough surfaces, sharp edges, or moving parts. Considering the level of abrasion resistance required for the specific application can help you pick the right hose. Hoses with enhanced abrasion resistance have protective outer covers or reinforcement layers that prevent premature wear and damage.


The length of the hydraulic hose is an important consideration to ensure proper installation and functionality. You must measure and select a hose of suitable length to effectively reach all necessary connections without being overly stretched or coiled. Proper hose length reduces the risk of hose damage, strain, or excessive pressure drops within the system.

Bend Radius

The bend radius of a hydraulic hose is the minimum radius at which it can be bent without causing damage or restricting fluid flow. You must consider the space constraints and routing requirements of the hydraulic system when selecting a hose. A hose with a smaller bend radius allows for more flexibility and easier installation in confined spaces. However, you must avoid exceeding the hose’s specified bend radius to prevent kinking or reducing fluid flow.

Meeting hydraulic hose requirements is essential for the proper functioning and longevity of hydraulic systems. By selecting hoses that meet the specific requirements of the hydraulic system can help your business achieve optimal system performance, minimise the risk of leaks or failures, and maintain the safety and efficiency of their hydraulic systems. Asking for professional help is necessary to avoid any issues in the long run.

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